Get to know why our passionate team is so different from the rest.

EFOODZ started with a passion for healthy and balanced meals, cooked fresh and delivered straight to your doorstep.

Founded by Andy Lam during the COVID-19 lockdown in Melbourne, EFOODZ has evolved into a team of 12 passionate chefs. We’re a leading and innovative food company delivering over 15,000 fresh, high protein meals every month all across Victoria. We set the benchmark high and ensure each meal is carefully balanced and prepared fresh at our facility in Docklands.

Our keyword is quality. Our philosophy is to always use the best ingredients combined with modern cooking practices to efficiently produce the healthiest meals. Therefore the EFOODZ name appears only on products that meet or exceed our high standards of quality and excellence.

We offer great-tasting, quick, low-cost meal solutions because we’re driven to fuel busy people with active, healthy lifestyles. And with our dedication to using only the best farm-fresh ingredients from sustainably produced farms, we make your life even easier by offering a stunning variety of high-performance meals with tastes from around the world.

We offer fast, friendly service and prompt delivery and we take great pride in saving you time and money without compromising even the slightest on taste. The time you save in the kitchen is more time you can spend in the gym, on the pavement, in the pool, or at the studio — wherever it is that keeps you active, we’ll be here every step of the way.

Learn About Our Core Values & Beliefs

Driven By Sustainability & Innovation

We’re driven to provide a great experience for our customers. Our goal is to create the best-tasting, highest quality meals using only the freshest ingredients available. With a focus on technology, we do this in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way possible by working closely with local farms that provide sustainable initiatives.

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