High Protein Meals - Cooked & Delivered WithIn 48 Hours!


Our business is built based upon these beliefs and values.

Our Key Beliefs

At EFOODZ, we’re more than just a company that produces fresh ready-meals. We’re a dedicated group of hard-working people who have set the bar very high to overcome the stigma of the old “frozen TV dinners”.

Our high-performance, gourmet meals are proudly made from fully sustainable farm-fresh meats and produce grown right here in Australia.

Our team of passionate chefs work hard to bring you excellence. We don’t just create meals, we create convenience, time, and money-saving experiences.

Our meals are not only visually appealing and have outstanding taste, but they’re actually good for you. And we strive to meet these standards as a team with hard work, focus and dedication put into our core values.

Our Core Values

Environmental Sustainability

We’re committed to partnering with suppliers who only use farming methods that provide sustainable impacts on the environment.

Humane Treatment Of Agricultural Animals

We ensure that every farm we deal with is RSPCA certified which guarantee that there’s absolutely no physical cruelty or undue stress put on their animals.

Integrity and Trust

We strive every day to continue our commitment to our customers, to ourselves and to our planet to never compromise on our moral and ethical principles.

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